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I can still remember my economic studies in Vienna: The career goal of many students was to join one of the major consulting firms, while other students saw their future in marketing at a French cosmetics company. But I wanted to go out into the big world, and for me that was Abu Dhabi, where I was part of the founding team of an insurance company. A number of the other founding members were former consultants. During my time there, I cooperated with various consulting companies. And so consulting naturally became an option for me, as I thought about where I wanted to continue my career after two years in Abu Dhabi. So I switched to a globally active strategy consultancy. After an intensive training period, the real life of a consultant began: intensive problem solving together with the customer, brown-paper workshops, kick-offs, varied project teams, PowerPoint battles, traveling, and getting to know various companies.

From construction sites to insurance policies to sugar beet, I have analyzed everything in the past seven years and have collaborated on the most diverse concepts and implementations. In particular, topics such as organizational design, reorganization, operating model design and HR, have greatly attracted my interest.

Living as a consultant is really exciting, but at the same time quite intensive and stressful. All the more important is to have a good team around you, where you can openly approach each other and where it is also possible to have a laugh together. This is what I found at OTTO & COMPANY, so after seven years at a big consulting company, I decided to move to the smaller strategy boutique.



Consulting is for those who love constant challenges, live flexibility, and come to life in teamwork.

For me as a business psychologist, the focus is on people. The individual person plays a pivotal role when it comes to change. I enjoy working with people, motivating and mobilizing them in order to develop sustainable solutions together.

I was impressed by the unusual combination of functional and social competence when I did my first internship in the consulting business. After that, I imagined myself working for a consulting firm where I could improve both competencies even more.

Besides professional qualification, OTTO & COMPANY puts strong focus on social skills and invests in a long-term and trusting relationship with the client, which is in line with my personal conviction. This is why I work for OTTO & COMPANY.

My career entry at OTTO & COMPANY was the perfect opportunity to fulfil all the different interests that drive me as a consultant.

During my time as a student, I was always looking for the combination of business and society. When I did my bachelor in social science and business administration at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin, I broadened my horizon. Absolving my master in Human Resources at Universität Hamburg, I intensified my knowledge in business administration, psychology and extended my quantitative skills. Over the course of my studies, I was able to gain practical experience in consulting firms and HR divisions, following which I wrote my master thesis in consulting.

The career entry as a consultant was my clear objective. With the approach to design and implement different projects with and for the client, OTTO & COMPANY convinced me to work for them. Furthermore, I found the team to be highly committed, always promoting strengths, and the atmosphere of the team was always exemplary and engaging. That gave me the possibility to gain deep insight into new perspectives and methods without losing focus of the big picture. Currently, my focus areas are: Transformation, Sales & Marketing and Innovation, and thanks to the sound flexibility of OTTO & COMPANY, I am sure that further perspective will continue to open up.

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